Never underestimate the far-reaching impact of your book.

Let us introduce your book to a global audience. You owe it to yourself and to your readers.

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Why we publish your books on Amazon

Your books need to be provided and readily available in a marketplace that is widely recognized and trusted worldwide. Our medium of choice is Amazon, the "World's Biggest Bookstore." Amazon is the #1 distributor of books on the earth! And in our opinion, it’s the best place to list your book for national and global distribution. 

It has been estimated that Amazon has 3.4 million books on its virtual shelves at any given time and that a new book title is added every five minutes. One of them should be yours. Amazon is also the world's largest retail seller of digital eBooks.

What we do for you

We take your book, in the raw, and buff it to a brilliant publish-ready manuscript, fully edited and formatted for both paperback and eBook formats. We work with you to craft a compelling book title and a complementary captivating book cover design. But we don't stop there! We write the copy blurb for your book's back cover and the book description for your Amazon book page. After a thorough keyword analysis, we target the most suitable category for your book and list it on Amazon. If you need an author's website or a landing page for the marketing of your book we can provide that for you as well! As an additional bonus, we will do a marketing consultation with you to show you how to maximize the marketing of your book beyond Amazon.

Why we do it

One of the saddest commentaries is of a person with great influence and wisdom who leaves the earth without leaving a legacy that is preserved for generations to come. We want the message that God has invested in you to be profitable to this and future generations. And we believe one of the best ways to leave a legacy is in the pages of a well-written book.

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