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Why your book must be professionally edited

Readers often decide the integrity of your content by the accuracy of your presentation. A book filled with errors may be a book deemed not worth reading. Errors break the continuity and coherency of your message. This is why books should be written in a manner that marries content and presentation in a professional way. Otherwise, your potentially life-changing message may be lost or ignored. 

What is the difference between proofreading and developmental editing?

Proofreading focuses on correcting superficial errors in spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, and formatting. Developmental editing takes it a step further. It takes a deeper look at how your content is presented and focuses on understanding and readability from the reader's perspective.

Developmental editing involves the development, organization, and readability of the entire book and includes:

  • Line-by-line editing of your manuscript to improve clarity, organization, and flow while maintaining your authorial voice
  • Correction of spelling and grammar errors, typos, and inconsistencies
  • Extensive critical commentary, indicating where arguments need more support and where the story line or flow could be improved
  • Identification of what's not working in your manuscript and any areas that can be improved

As part of our developmental editing services, we'll provide you with a personalized summary and next steps for your manuscript.

Don't make the mistake of oversight

Writing a book is a relatively lengthy process. Sometimes, because you as the author already know what it is you're saying, and because you've looked at it so long, you can miss errors. You need at least one other pair of eyes that is skilled in checking for both errors and readability to look over your work before publishing.

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